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The Yazawa School for the Arts, a parakiss club

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OC Application [Jun. 28th, 2006|09:04 pm]
The Yazawa School for the Arts, a parakiss club


I was stalking this community to see if it would ever come back and I'm so glad that it did!

your (real) self
Contact Information
Name/Handle: Lisa
AIM: KawaiiKyoKitty75
E-mail: bluejay390@yahoo.com
LJ username: helldarkangel
Favorite Parakiss/Gokinjo Character: Yukari! I love watching her character go from a girl who does whatever her mother tells her to do and change into an independent woman.

Name: Rihanna Mena
Age: 15 (freshman!)
Physical Appearance: Rihanna has dark, long, straight black hair. She is a rather short girl at 4ft 7in. She is always wearing some kind of lolita inspired dress. It's rare to find her dressing down (casual lolita) and she always looks like she just walked out of 1800 France on acid.
Fashion/Style: lolita
Personality: Rihanna is a calm and relaxed person. She doesn't let little things get to her and she is able to stay calm in the most hectic situation. She enjoys her alone time and always eats lunch alone. Because she is a very solitude person she doesn't have many friends but she values and cares deeply for anyone eho is her friend. Rihanna is not the type of person to turn on someone if they betray her but she will try to aviod that person. Her downside is that she tends to run away from her own problems.
Field of art you plan to pursue: Fashion Design
Talents/Specialties: She has a creative mind and finds inspiration in nature and history. One thing she can't stand is when someone rushes through something. She likes to take her time and make everything perfect.
More Background Info: Rihanna was born in Noraway but moved to Spain when she was one year old so she can speak spanish. She is half Japanese. By living in Spain all of her life she doesn't get the chance to speak Japanese much except with her father. But most of the time they speak english or spanish.
Why do you want to join Yaza Arts? Rihanna wants to join because she wants to be a famous fashion designer. She wants to travel to Japan, study fashion and then go to France and become the next big thing. She heard about Yaza Arts as having many success stories where the students go all over the world and land top jobs and some even become famous designers. She also heard that this is a tough school and Rihanna wants to challenge herself.

[User Picture]From: naive_nostalgia
2006-07-01 04:31 am (UTC)
Congratulations! You've been accepted to Yaza Arts as Rihanna Mena.

The next step is to create a livejournal for your character. Please choose a relevant username and post in the journal at least once a week. Should you fail to do this, your admission will be rescinded within a month's time.

In addition to the journal, new students are also now required to create an AIM name for themselves, and should be available on Aim for meetings upon request.

The actual RPG can be found at paradise_world. Please sign up for it with only your character journal. Also, only in your character journal, please include 'yazagaku' and 'the glitter planet' as interests to make the RPG journals more easily accessible by search. They will be our official keywords.

Welcome to Paradise.

Saori Yazawa
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[User Picture]From: helldarkangel
2006-08-01 01:34 am (UTC)
I made a character journal for my character and tried to join the role play community but I have not heard anything from it. So I'm just going to drop my character. I have other rpgs going on and I'm having problems in real life so I've decided to drop some of my muses. Because I haven't used this character at all I've decided to just drop her.
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