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Hello all. :D [Jul. 6th, 2006|12:05 am]
The Yazawa School for the Arts, a parakiss club
Heyaa well. I just made a new one of these and was looking around and found this group and decided to give it a try and see whats up. 17 and a big fan of Paradise Kiss :D So would it be ok if I was to be Yukari since I noticed it is up for grabs?

Contact Information
Name/Handle: Dayva
AIM: xxlunamarxx
E-mail: xxlunamarxx@hotmail.com
LJ username:amotusemper
Favorite Parakiss/Gokinjo Character: Probably Miwako cause my friends say I'm the brown hair version of her. lol short and incredibly spunky. But I also like Yukari quite abit.

Name: Yukari Hayasaka
Age: 18
Physical Appearance: very Tall with long black hair, long legged, and wide eyes.
Fashion/Style: For a while, she doesn't really have a certain style she prefers to dress to whatever she feels comfortable to her. But eventually [[Like in the manga]] her style will develop into something more modern and stylish. Fitting of course, her very tall and long body type.
Personality: Uncomfortable around strangers, short tempered and incredibly loving to those who she learns to trusts. She hopes to become a model and prove to others but mostly to herself that she can survive in the world of modeling
Field of art you plan to pursue: Fashion [[Hopes to be a top model!]]
Talents/Specialties: very outspoken when put into certain situations, and not sure if this is considered a talent, but she is very photogenic and hopes to discover any other talents
More Background Info: A strict and stubbborn mother of hers, had trouble letting her do anything else other than study but eventually realizes that her daughter isn't going to anything else other than model. uhhm.. cant think of anything else at the moment.
Why do you want to join Yaza Arts? Because she hopes it would give her a great start on her modeling career and that she will get to the industry and the new faces of the fashion industry for the future.

::crosses fingers:: Hopefully!


[User Picture]From: naive_nostalgia
2006-07-06 06:08 am (UTC)
Congratulations! You've been accepted to Paradise as Yukari Hayasaka.

The next step is to create a livejournal for your character. Please choose a relevant username and post in the journal at least once a week. Should you fail to do this, your admission will be rescinded within a month's time.

In addition to the journal, new applicants are also now required to create an AIM name for themselves, and should be available on AIM for meetings upon request.

The actual RPG can be found at paradise_world. Please sign up for it with only your character journal. Also, only in your character journal, please include 'yazagaku' and 'the glitter planet' as interests to make the RPG journals more easily accessible by search. They will be our official keywords.

Welcome to Paradise.

Saori Yazawa
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