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The Yazawa School for the Arts


The Yazawa School for the Arts, a parakiss club
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A community and RPG/cosplay club centered on Ai Yazawa's fashion manga "Paradise Kiss". Parakiss fans are free to post; applications for the RPG are being accepted as posts as well. (Application forms can be found here.)

Claimed characters will be announced below. The character may be an original character, but remember, he or she is applying for acceptance to the prestigious (if not a bit strange) Yazawa School for the Arts.

The RPG world can be found at paradise_world, and is strictly in character. Be warned, this RPG is for teens and up. It includes sex, lies, slash, violence and, of course, Arashi's safety-pinned pottymouth.

That's it for introductions. Welcome to Paradise.


Character List (thus far):

Seiji Kisaragi - seiji_kisaragi (up for grabs)
Yukari Hayasaka - yukari_hayasaka (up for grabs)
Kaori Aso - _kaoriaso (up for grabs)
Miwako Sakurada - miwako_sakurada (sekai_kitai)
George Koizumi - open
Arashi Nagase - open
Isabella Yamamoto - open

Saori Yazawa - yasasama (blanckien) (naive_nostalgia)
Nariko Feyudo - loli_nariko (tee_chan)
Lilith Hamasaki - lilith_hamasaki (nomore3xfives)
Lili Aiziwa - (belle_deces)
Rihanna Mena - (helldarkangel)